Frozen Forest

Class five have been looking at the book ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson and demonstrating their super drama skills by freeze framing some of the characters.

Which character did you play and how did you feel whilst in role?


Jumping Jungle!

Class 5 was alive with the sound of the rainforest. A fabulous visit from Katie at Jumping Clay resulted in two amazing creature models. I wonder what they will make next.

What techniques did you use to make these?

Martial Arts


The Star Foundation provided us with an intensive workout today.

We learned the push kick, side kick and water kick which are all a good test of balance!



We also played games to practise our discipline and focus.


Aula Antem Anura (Hall of Frogs)


Look at our fabulous hall of frogs, all created in our book fortnight. We have made a museum type display to show off our wire frogs, framed frog pictures and non-chronological reports written in English.

We hope you like it!

What would your collection look like?

Who Framed Freddie Frog?

Class 5 have been busy making frames in Design and a Technology for their frog masterpieces. As you can imagine, they were all very keen to use the vice and saw and we did have some very creative work, well done.

What problems did you encounter making your frames?


Class 5 were surprised to find that the hall had been taken over by a multitude of frogs, ducks, dogs and other pets. They were very excited to find out what this term’s book fortnight was going to be about. Some of their suggestions included, ideas about kidnapped pets, invasion of ducks and frogs on the run.

What imaginative young minds you have class 5!

What do you think will happen next?