Mad Science!


A mad day of science was enjoyed by all. The exciting morning activities started with balloon rockets, alien gloop, making paper aeroplanes and magnet races. There was then a selection of main activities including, making egg parachutes, which was very tricky making something solid enough to protect our eggs, lava lamps and even exploding volcanoes on the school playground! In the garden, Mrs Oliphant and Mrs Harper were busy offering science linked to growing, with all the children helping out to plant ready for our very own allotment.


3 thoughts on “Mad Science!

  1. I really enjoyed doing the mad scientist day, I enjoyed the alien gloop that we made and doing the Rocket experiment with Mrs Harper!!!!!!!!!

    I liked making the lava lamps with Miss Kaylor and the Mentos experiment with Mrs Whetton and Mrs O` Reagan outside in the playground, it was extremely FFUUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Later that day though me and my sister decided to add some salt to our Lava lamps, since they were not bubbling anymore and it actually worked, which we were not expecting it to do.

    THREE CHEERS FOR MAD SCIENCE, HIPP HIPP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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