Mad Science!


A mad day of science was enjoyed by all. The exciting morning activities started with balloon rockets, alien gloop, making paper aeroplanes and magnet races. There was then a selection of main activities including, making egg parachutes, which was very tricky making something solid enough to protect our eggs, lava lamps and even exploding volcanoes on the school playground! In the garden, Mrs Oliphant and Mrs Harper were busy offering science linked to growing, with all the children helping out to plant ready for our very own allotment.


Who (or what) invaded Class 5?

After the Easter holidays, Class 5 were greeted by strange messages¬†that were¬†left around the classroom from a strange being. Among the clues were a poem, including a description of the ‘creature’, a business card and pictures of planets, with a little information to help us to identify them. There was also a conversation and a report from eye witnesses, stating that there were strange lights in the sky and that an unidentified being was seen stealing a dictionary from Class 5!

Class 5 needed to report what they thought the ‘creature’ was by answering questions about what it looked like and what they thought it was here for, using the clues to help them.

What did invade Class 5? What did the clues suggest and why?