Shakespeare week

As part of the celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare, we have been learning about ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Class 5 have had a very exciting and busy week with lots of different activities, including fencing, watching the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and taking part in an acting workshop.

We also did our own conscience alley, where we had to persuade Juliet to take or not to take the sleeping potion. We then created our own persuasive arguments and discussions, depending on which side we chose. We then completed our week with dressing up as Tudors for the day!

What was your favourite part of Shakespeare week?



Mother’s Day

IMG_0971 IMG_0968 IMG_0960 IMG_0958 IMG_0953 IMG_0951

We have had such an exciting half term!

Class 5 were very proud of their ‘SuperMum’ paintings!