What is the Staffordshire Hoard?

As part of our topic on the Anglo-Saxons, Class 5 went to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to see the Staffordshire Hoard and learn all about the Anglo-Saxons!

We saw lots of different things linked to the Anglo-Saxons, including artefacts they were likely to be buried with, films giving information about Anglo-Saxon life, games which Anglo-Saxons sometimes played, swords and treasure,  which were found by one man in a field in Staffordshire. We even got to dress up like an Anglo-Saxon – it was a little big for us though!

We also had the opportunity to learn about how the Anglo-Saxons were likely to have made their armour and weapons and even got to create our own patterns on pieces of metal, similar to how the Anglo-Saxons would have done!

There were lots of theories about why the Staffordshire Hoard was buried, although we will never really know. Why do you think it might have been buried? What was your favourite part of the visit?



Smashing Anglo Saxons.

We kicked off our topic on Anglo Saxons with some research.

What amazing facts did you find out about these people Class 5?