Working hard

This week we have been working incredibly hard as we have taken last year’s SATs papers.  We have done this as if it were the real thing and have given it our all.  This will be really helpful for Mr Hoskins to see how we are getting on and what areas we need to work on.  It has been good for us too as we have experienced going into the hall and sitting in the way that will will in May.  Hopefully it will help quash any nerves when it comes to doing it for real.


Was Prospero wrong?

Now on the island, Prospero and his daughter Miranda meet a strange creature called Caliban. They make Caliban their slave and teach him to speak. Here is Nancy’s discussion of whether this was right.


Letter in a bottle

We are reading The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Here is Jude’s message in a bottle, written in role as Prospero when he land on the island.   Click on the picture to make it larger.